ChIP-Atlas is an integrative and comprehensive database for visualizing and making use of public ChIP-seq data. ChIP-Atlas covers almost all public ChIP-seq data submitted to the SRA (Sequence Read Archives) in NCBI, DDBJ, or ENA, and is based on over 279,000 experiments.

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Due to the maintenance of the DDBJ supercomputer system, the Enrichment Analysis funtion is temporarily unavailale until 3rd December. We are sorry for inconvenience.

The four main features of ChIP-Atlas are:

Peak Browser

graphically visualizes protein binding on given genomic loci with genome browser (IGV).

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Target Genes

predicts target genes bound by given transcription factors.

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predicts partner proteins colocalizing with given transcription factors.

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Enrichment Analysis

predicts proteins bound to given genomic loci and genes (formerly known as in silico ChIP).

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