An integrative, comprehensive database to explore public Epigenetic dataset, including ChIP-Seq, DNase-Seq, ATAC-Seq, and Bisulfite-Seq data: ChIP-Atlas covers almost all public data archived in Sequence Read Archive of NCBI, EBI, and DDBJ with over 224,000 experiments.

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What's new

  • Added ATAC-Seq and Bisulfite-Seq , together with UI improvement including 'peak' icon! (2021/10/04)
  • Updated site design: (2021/01/04)
    • Dataset search is available as a standalone function
    • ID search at the top right corner now accepts GEO Sample ID (e.g. GSM469863) along with SRA Experiment ID (e.g. SRX018625)
    • New information layout for individual experiment list
  • Added new genome assemblies: hg38, mm10, dm6, ce11. Happy holidays! (2020/12/01)

Peak Browser

Visualizes protein binding on given genomic loci with IGV genome browser

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Target Genes

Predict target genes bound by given transcription factors

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Predict partner proteins colocalizing with given transcription factors

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Enrichment Analysis

Predict proteins bound to given genomic loci and genes

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